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My latest book, Faces: A Love Story, was released on December 15, 2020. What an exciting few weeks it has been! With special thanks to Barnes & Noble and a high number of preorders, my publisher, Paraclete Press sold out of the book. They sold out before the actual release date! Incredible!

The second edition of this book is now at the printer and will be ready to go in February. Books are still available at Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon. You might also be able to order the book from your local bookseller.

I am also excited about the upcoming release of El Major Día, the Spanish translation of The Very Best Day: The Way of Love for Children. This special book is now available for preorders.

I cannot thank you enough for your support

Thank you for believing in me.

Roger Hutchison

Houston, Texas

January 22, 2021


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COMING SOON! February 2021

El Major Día is the Spanish translation of The Very Best Day: The Way of Love for Children. The Very Best Day introduces the practices for a Jesus-centered life for children ages 3–10 and their families. Using accessible language and age-appropriate themes, it specifically addresses children and the importance of rhythm and practice in their lives.



December 15, 2020

Faces: A Love Story is a picture book for people of all ages featuring a simple text and full-color face illustrations of those we might see in our neighborhood, in the office or school, in the grocery store, on the playground, or on the street. Faces reflecting the image of God. Faces that remind us of our diversity and the stories we tell through colors, shapes, scars, ages, and expressions, now more than ever. And when life returns to normal, faces we cherish more than ever did before.


"Faces: A Love Story is a celebration of humanity—a colorful and diverse picture book full of life. Every page sings, offering us not only a tale about ourselves but a detailed holy story about our imaginative and creative God.”

Matthew Paul Turner

Bestselling author of When God Made You and When I Pray for You

"So many beautiful faces surround us, all of them unique because each is etched into existence by the Creator's loving hands. Hutchison has captured the magic of creation in this book of faces and poetry which extends an invitation to drink deeply of the beauty of every person and pay close attention to all the faces that will be encountered while walking through daily life after the book is closed."

"Faces: A Love Story is a glorious celebration of humanity through a diverse collection of beautiful portraits. We need more books like this to help our children, and us, remember that each one of us is part of the Divine image just exactly as we are.”

"Faces: A Love Story, speaks to me as a child of God that struggles to love herself as God made her. God created me and all of us after God’s own heart. As a black woman and a mother of a black son, I am reminded that God is here – even when we are afraid and treated as less than. God did not create these divisions. This book is a warm hug for humanity!"

Marlo Adjankara
Child of God, wife, mother, and wellness warrior

"Lyrical and visually arresting, Faces: A Love Story invites us to notice and appreciate the image of the Divine in every other person. The rich colors, variety of artistic styles and motifs, and diverse cast of characters that author/illustrator Roger Hutchison has created result in a gorgeous celebration of difference."

Jennifer Grant

Author of A Little Blue Bottle

“Roger Hutchison’s enchanting little book, Faces: A Love Story, encourages us to look afresh at the ‘human face divine’ (as John Milton called it) and reminds us that sometimes we can glimpse God’s image shining through the faces around us, and that one day, when we no longer see ‘through a glass darkly,’ we will all see one another, and our Saviour, ‘face to face.’”

Malcom Guite

Poet, priest, singer/songwriter





Roger is the #1 Bestselling author and illustrator of seven books including, The Painting Table, My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes., Faces: A Love Story, and the upcoming El Major Día, the Spanish translation of The Very Best Day: The Way of Love for Children.

Following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, Roger had the privilege of painting with children who witnessed this tragic event. The experience profoundly affected him and convinced him to serve those who grieve with his writing and art.

Roger received the Governor’s Order of the Silver Crescent Award in 2014. The Order of the Silver Crescent is South Carolina’s highest civilian honor for exemplary performance, contribution and achievement within the community.

There is prayerful poetry woven through Roger’s work, a gentle reverence in his tone and posture toward the heartbroken. It’s Roger’s ambition to use art, color, and poetic language to communicate love and promote healing and hope in today’s hurting world.

Roger serves as the Director of Christian Formation and Parish Life at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston, TX, and is a member of the National Alliance of Grieving Children and Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Roger lives with his wife and daughter just outside of Houston.

To learn more about Roger and follow his story, you can find him on Instagram @rogerhutchisonbooks - see Instagram feed below.




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