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Coming in January 2025!

The Gift of Baptism, my next picture book, will be released in January 2025 by Morehouse Publishing! I am incredibly excited to share that Claire Westwood is the illustrator. Stay tuned for more updates!

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-Faith In Books

"Hutchison understands the benefits of artistic expression and the needs of children - all of us - to express our feelings through art and creativity. His heartfelt gift is understanding the power of our life experiences and the importance of creativity as a means to celebrate and heal along life's journey."


"Roger's ambition is to use art, color, and poetic language to communicate love and promote healing and hope in today's hurting world." - Kathryn Streeter

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"Anyone who struggles with finding the right words to pray now has a companion in Sparrow, whose friends Turtle, Mousie, and Buck are wise to the truth that prayer is a full-bodied experience of being present to God with or without words. Thank you, Roger Hutchison, for offering this teaching to children as well as the adults who love them. We will read this book over and over again to remind us of how many ways there are to pray." -Barbara Brown Taylor, author of An Altar in the World

Beaming Books, February 2023

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Morehouse Publishing, April 2023

Weaving personal stories with thoughtful questions, journaling prompts, and a wide range of inspirational practices, Hutchison creates a self-help tapestry of compassion, vulnerability, and action. At the end of each chapter, a colorful variety of reflections and creative exercises―from photography, music, and meditation to cooking, hiking, and art― encourage readers to get up and discover a more centered and peaceful life. The result is an essential tool for finding tranquility in the midst of both inner and outer turmoil.

"A compassionate, helpful, faith-oriented series of meditations on finding peace in a tumultuous world." -Kirkus Reviews

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Roger is the #1 Bestselling author and illustrator of nine books including, The Painting Table, My Favorite Color is Blue. Sometimes., Faces: A Love Story, El Major Día, the Spanish translation of The Very Best Day: The Way of Love for Children, Come in, Come in!, Sparrow's Prayer and The Art of Calm: Spiritual Exercises for the Anxious Soul.

Following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, Roger had the privilege of painting with children who were impacted by this tragic event. The experience profoundly affected him and convinced him to serve those who grieve with his writing, art, and photography.

Roger received the Governor’s Order of the Silver Crescent Award in 2014. The Order of the Silver Crescent is South Carolina’s highest civilian honor for exemplary performance, contribution and achievement within the community.

There is prayerful poetry woven through Roger’s work, a gentle reverence in his tone and posture toward the heartbroken. It’s Roger’s ambition to use art, color, and poetic language to communicate love and promote healing and hope in today’s hurting world.

Roger is also an award-winning photographer with a special interest in nature photography.

Fifty of Roger's photographs are on permanent display at Houston's St. Luke's Hospital in the Texas Medical Center - the largest medical center in the world.

Roger serves as the Director of Children's and Youth Ministries at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston, TX, and is a member of the National Alliance of Grieving Children and Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Roger lives with his wife Kristin just outside of Houston.

To learn more about Roger and follow his story, you can find him on Instagram @rogerhutchisonbooks - see Instagram feed below.

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